Thursday, 1 December 2016

Umera Ahmed Novels

A woman is second to none. There is a long journey of woman’s work. History is full of it. She can do any kind of work like men. One of these legendary ladies is ”Umera Ahmed”. Actually, she does not need any introduction. Umera Ahmed made her name in history by writing Urdu Novels. She is popular in Pakistan.

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Umera Ahmed’s Early Life ;

Umera Ahmed, born on 10 December 1976. She was just 22 when she started her career by publishing stories in monthly Urdu digests. Umera Ahmed has written 16 books. Her most popular books are ”Pir e Kamil” and ”Meri Zaat Zara e Benishan”. These are so wonderful Urdu Novels. By this, she became popular among novel readers and Television viewers in Pakistan.

Umera Ahmed’s inspiration ;
If we move to her personal life. Umera Ahmed is much inspired by the life of civil service and her many writings are about civil servants. Later she enrolled herself in teaching. She became a lecturer of O and A levels at Army Public College in Sialkot. But she was much interested in writing so she left her job and devoted her life to writing. In 2014 she married Arsam Aftab, who was also a Government officer. Then she lived in Lahore with her husband and finally her dreams came true. Her Urdu novels and her plays adapted for television there.

Umera Ahmed’s career ;
In Umera Ahmed’s career, lately her drama serial went on air in India. The viewers of television liked  very much her drama serial.In press Trust of India Umera Ahmed said” Our image is appeared as a backward nation, which does not treat its women well, But we have so many women artists here and most of the television writers are women”
To make relationships good, Umera Ahmed also talked about for relationship of India and Pakistan in her interview. She said, ‘‘she hopes that these dramas will help dispel away the misunderstanding that exist between Indian and Pakistani society. There are many channels in this world which are running with women’’.

When somebody asked about Pakistan and India, Umera Ahmed said in her interview that, ”she assumes that these shows will help dispel away the misunderstandings that exist in India about our country that our ladies are playing an active role in the drama industry but there are channels that are being run by women. She said a feeling exist in India that‘’ they think negative for us and used to believe that Pakistan is always bad and we don’t live happy lives. But our dramas changed this idea. After watching our dramas people now know that Pakistani used to live the life as Indian lives” said Umera Ahmed.

In Urdu literature, Umera Ahmed is such a legendary lady. We must proud her. She fights for our nation by her Urdu Novels. She is the ideal personality for our youth. Our youth must be inspired by her life and must be creative like her. She just made her history of writing, encourages every girl in Pakistan and in this world and is the role model for all of us.
From the beginning, Umera Ahmed was best in writing and she loves it. So, she decided to make it her passion and she did it and now you can see who she is. She is a popular celebrity of the Pakistan. Most of Pakistani knows her well because of her Urdu Novels.

Umera Ahmed’s way of Writing ;

The way Umera Ahmed writes is so amazing. She convinced everybody by her writing. When they are reading her novel they just found themselves engaged in that. That’s the thing everybody loved about her. She has many fans in Pakistan. She was nominated for ‘’Best writer drama serial’’ in 3rd  HUM TV yearly grants 2015 for composing ” Muhabbat Subah Ka Sitara Ha’’  Currently, she is writing a story for the film.
Once Umera Ahmad went to a talk meeting sorted out by Geo TV about new ways being creative in Pakistan. She did not appear in the media yet, but started attending public. We all proud of her and support her for her work. She opened the way for girls in Pakistan for being creative. Now every family is inspired by her and every girl wish to be like her. Her all Urdu novels are so amazing.
Here is a list of some Urdu Novels by Umera Ahmed ;
1. Aab e Hayat
2. Ab Mera Intazar Kar
3. Aks
4. Amar Bail
5. Band Kawaroon K Age
6. Bas Ik Daghe-e-Nidamat
7. Darbar-e-Dil
8. Hasil
9. Hum Kaha Ke Sachay Thay
10. Husna Aur Husan Aara
11. Iman Umedd Aur Mohabbat
12. Kis Jahan Ka Zaar liya
13. Koi Bat Hai Teri Baat Mein
14. Koi Lamha Khuwab Nahi Hota
15. La-Hasil
16. Man-o-Salwa
17. Mene Khawaboon Ka Shajar Dekha Ha
18. Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan
19. Mira-Tul-Aroos
20. Muthi Bhar Mitti
21. Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W)
22. Qaid-e-Tanhai
23. Sauda
24. Shehr-e-Zaat
25. Shehr Ik istara Hai
26. Teri Yaad Khar-e-Gulab
27. Thora Sa Aasman
28. Uraan
29. Wapsi
30. Yeh Jo Subah Ka Ik Sitara hai